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Hello everyone!

I’d like to welcome anyone visiting this blog and to introduce myself. I am a C++ programmer working at Google Poland, but apart from my regular job, after hours of work, I am a programmer at Magic-Ars – a small independent game development studio from Poland. It has been created by me and my wife, who is an artist in our team. At the moment we are developing our first casual game – 3D Puzzle Venture – a jigsaw puzzle game for the PC market. I will not advertise it here any longer, but if you are interested, please feel encouraged to visit its web page. I will just mention that we expect to release a beta trial version in around 2 months.

What will you find on this blog?

The main purpose of this blog is to provide informations that could be helpful for starting and future independent game developers, based on my own experience as a programmer, as well as a further analysis of data that can be found in the Internet. Topics will cover a wide range of aspects, like programming, team and project management, distributing and marketing games, or independent games market analysis.

Apart from that you will find some generic posts here, that will come to my mind, but only if they are somehow related to the game development.

Just to be clear – this blog is not intended to be a developer’s diary. I don’t think it would be interesting for anyone, I will however post here info about major updates of our projects from time to time, like releasing beta or final version and similar stuff.

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